We offer scheduled as well as weekend emergency service for your septic system. We service and install basic as well as advanced systems. We offer septic system inspections for home purchase as well and our technicians are licensed with the State of Georgia. We are members of the Georgia Onsite Waste Water Association and an authorized installer of Clear Stream Systems. Disposal of removed products are always done at approved locations.

Septic Treatment: To prolong the life of your septic system and promote proper operation, we suggest adding approved treatment additives; we are very supportive of keeping our wells and streams clean. Proper operating septic systems are the first line of defense for providing clean and safe drinking water.

Septic Repair: We provide basic to advanced repairs for your septic system. We only do permitted repairs through the local health department, which insures proper installation. We involve the home owner, explaining the suggested repair, up front pricing, without pressure selling.

Hydro-Jetting: We provide hydro-jet drain cleaning service with the more recent equipment, in both the residential and commercial settings. Many times we are able to remove roots and other obstructions preventing drain replacement. We are equipped to open and clean up to 24” drains, with hydro-vac services as well.

Septic Cleaning: We just don't remove the water in your septic tank when we pump it. We remove the sludge and top crust layer, preventing drain field damage.

Septic Pumping: Advanced Plumbing and Septic Service offers a quick response time to your septic pumping need. We just don't pump the water from the tank we clean the tank, so all the solids and sludge are removed as per suggested state requirements. We don't knock holes in the top of the septic tank to get access; we remove the top section so the tank can be cleaned properly. We have the proper equipment to locate your septic tank preventing digging throughout the yard. After completion we cover the tank, smooth out the yard and remove any rocks or roots that were uncovered, readying the yard for grass replacement.

Our experienced staff will be glad to work along with you in on-site diagnosis of any issues that may arise. Give us a call today!

In our quest to fulfill all of your waste management needs, we are proud to announce the addition of SEPTIC SERVICE to our list of services offered!